Common Area of Germs

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Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans come down with the flu?  Germs can be found anywhere but a common area for them is in the restroom.  Here are some tips to help prevent the flu from reaching you:Commercial Restroom

  1. Schedule a deep clean around the beginning and end of the cold and flu season.  Your facility should have the restroom walls, floors and partitions scrubbed.
  2. Promote hand sanitizer to be found in a dispenser in the bathroom, near the office entrance, on your desk, conference room, kitchen, just about anywhere.
  3. Consider installing hands free appliances such as automatic sinks, toilets, soap and paper towel dispensers, hand dryers to reduce the many touch points throughout the day.
  4. A cold becomes contagious a day before cold symptoms develop and last between five to seven days.  If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home to help stop the spread of the germs to your employees, friends, family.
  5. Offer free flu shots to all employees.

Create a healthy, safe, and clean environment for not only your business but for your customers, employees and the sake of your own health.

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