Cleaning Schedule

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Washing the laundry and doing dishes are obviously things you clean on a regular basis, but how often should you be cleaning your bed sheets or the vents?  Here are some household items with a different cleaning schedule to know how often they should get done.

  • Bed sheets: Wash them once a week in warm water to kill off any germs
  • Toilet Bowl: Once a week
  • Sponges: After every use (thoroughly rinse and wring out) but replace every two weeks
  • Shower Liner: Once a week in hot water or scrub by hand
  • Lighting Fixtures: Once a week to rid dust build up
  • Fan Vents: Once a month (soak the cover in warm water and scrub with a brush)
  • Drains: Once a week flush with hot water and once a month run cleaning chemical down the drain to break down any debris and odors.
  • Pillows: Every 3 to 6 months (should be washed seasonally to remove mold, bacteria, and odors)
  • Floor Mats and Rugs: Once a week
  • Counter tops and back splashes: Every day
  • Bathtub and Shower walls: Once a week

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