Cubicle Walls Need Cleaning Too…

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Fabric-covered panels or cubicles are popular in many commercial buildings. Offices usually have a cleaning schedule for their carpets or hard-floors, but these upholstered walls are often neglected or overlooked. Here are three reasons fabric wall care should be part of your cleaning plan:

  1. Control Dust Mites- Dust mites can live in any kind of fabric from bedding to carpet to the fabric of a cubicle wall. They are often transferred from one location to another on people’s clothing.cubicles
  2. Reduce Allergens- The fabric in cubicle walls hold dust and dirt, which can lead to a flare-up of allergies in those who are prone to issues. Serious dirt collectors like fabric cubicles can even cause people to become sick when they aren’t prone to allergies.
  3. Remove Unsightly Spots- Dirty hands or fingers can leave behind grimy marks, as well as negative impressions of your office. Proper deep cleaning can remove spots, freshen the fabric and keep your facility looking great for employees and visitors.

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