Ascher’s Janitorial Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do you ensure top quality?

    We are all about making sure the expectation of the customer is clearly communicated to the person who is cleaning your facility. These are written and standardized throughout our organization. There is no guess work when it comes time to clean your facility, all expectations and special notes are documented for consistent quality. We also do regular inspections to ensure exceptional standards are met and maintained.

  • 2. Who will be in our building?

    AJS does a complete and thorough background check on every person. We also do a specialized background check depending on the type of business we are servicing. All employees wear uniforms and have photo identification.

    We have reliable, trust worthy employees and we work as a team with them. This is proven by our turnover rate. We find great people and pay them well so together we can provide great service wherever your facility is located.

  • 3. Where are you and your staff located?

    Our office is located in Abrams. We hire people who are close to your facility to ensure that they will be able to fulfill your needs no matter what. The employees take ownership and responsibility in their work because many of the employees are also customers at the facility.

  • 4. What is most important about getting a professional cleaning company?

    • Insurance
    • Employees who know how to use the correct solutions on the correct surfaces
    • To ensure the high touch areas are disinfected
    • A clean environment is proven to boost morale and production
    • To decrease down time due to an illness going around the facility

  • 5. What types of business do you clean?

    We clean many different types of business, we go out of our way to understand your industry needs. We have great support procedures to clean companies that need
    • Strict adherence to OSHA guidelines
    • Proof of Insurance and Bonding
    • Proof of procedures to disinfect and prevent cross-contamination
    • Confidentiality, including HIPPA
    • Quality and Reliability
    • Security

  • 6. If I would like to make a change to my schedule or service items how long would that take?

    A change can be as simple as a phone call. We offer many different items to help you solve those unforeseen issues. No matter what the issue, we do the extras to help your business stand out from your competitors.