Stinky Garbage Disposal?

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garbage-disposal-smellsGarbage disposals are naturally dangerous, but when you start smelling an odor, it’s not coming from deep down where the metal parts grind the food scraps. It’s most likely coming from the black, rubber splash guard in your sink.  When food is ground in the disposal’s motor, debris is sprayed along the bottom side of the splash guard. This area can be reached and safely cleaned by using rubber gloves, paper towel and a disinfectant.  If you have a squeamish belly, look away from the waste, wipe off the splash guard and quickly throw the paper towel in the trash.

Another way to clear the odor is to grind up an orange or a lemon.  Cut the fruit in half, put one wedge down the drain, turn the disposal on, put another wedge down and run it with a cool stream of water as it’s grinding.  The rinds are to help clean the grind components while giving off a fresh smell.


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