Where is the Germiest Area?

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In 2011, the NSF International had 22 families swab 30 every day household items from the kitchen to cell phones to pets to measure the contamination levels of yeast, mold, and Coliform bacteria.  It came back that there are many misconceptions about where the highest level of germs are found.  The study showed three of the top five germiest spots in the home were actually in the kitchen. The top ten hot spots are listed below.

  1. Kitchen Sponge/Dish Rag
  2. Kitchen Sink
  3. Toothbrush holder
  4. Pet Bowl
  5. Coffee Reservoir
  6. Faucet Handles
  7. Pet Toys
  8. Counter tops
  9. Stove Knobs
  10. Cutting Boards

TIP:  You should clean your dirty dishes, the sink, counter tops, spills, and the floor EVERY DAY and throw away expired food and clean your appliance surfaces EVERY WEEK.


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